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Concept: Launched in Feb 2014, the Inorbit app is a perfect mix of Magic & Utility, a bit like the Inorbit Mall experience itself. As a mall, Inorbit has two sets of customers – Retailers & Consumers. The Inorbit Mobile App is designed to engage both of them.

All early stage decisions while designing the App were informed by our extensive interaction with Inorbit mall customers and retail partners.

As Brick & Mortar Retailers like Inorbit Malls raise their Customer Engagement efforts to counter the rise of E-commerce, the Inorbit app provides a critical customer engagement touchpoint for Inorbit Malls. Today the Inorbit App is at the heart of all Customer engagement  efforts at Inorbit Malls.

With more than 60,000 consumers and 3000+ retail partners in 6 cities, The Inorbit App is rapidly scaling to be the premier Customer Engagement platform for Inorbit Malls.

As the Digital Agency for Inorbit, Phonethics designed the mobile strategy for Inorbit malls and designed and produced the mobile app as the cornerstone of the mobile strategy. 

Insight: As outlined above, Inorbit Malls has two sets of customers to engage – Retailers & Consumers. The app was based on insights gleaned from both sets of customers.

Engagement for Customers: While shopping, Customers use their smartphones to spot offers and compare prices. We interacted with several customers in Pune, Mumbai & Bangalore to understand their perspective on the information they seek while shopping. People visit Facebook pages, Twitter streams of the brands that they wish to shop from. They are also looking to optimize (improve) their in-mall experience by finding the best offers for a specific product or brand.

Engagement for Retailers: Retailers today are looking to engage consumers with instant information and customised offers. In a mall, inspite of high footfalls, due to the impact of e-commerce, the retailer needs an efficient but simple engagement tool. In our interaction with retailers in Inorbit malls we noticed that all of them used smartphones and some of them were already using the mobile phone to engage their regular customers by sending them SMS or Chat messages.


Strategy: As a large shopping center with presence in 6 cities, the Inorbit malls in each city have a significant ‘catchment’ to engage. The right information to the right person at the right time converts into a walk in at the mall swiftly. Consumer insights gained through social logins are abstracted and actionable input is provided to the retail partners and mall managers. This  empowers them to engage consumers by sending personalised & targeted updates on deals, offers and more.

Additionally, the Inorbit app improves the customer’s overall in-mall experience with features like Park Assist, Mall Information, Entertainment, Food, Shake & Win and more.


The App: ‘The Inorbit App is – A live Mobile Marketing & Customer Engagement Platform where content is sourced collaboratively amongst 3000+ retailers across 6 locations’

We have endeavoured to create a platform where retail partners across each of the 6 malls could manage their own communication and engage their customers.

Every single retail outlet has access to a content management dashboard – right on their store staff’s mobile. This democratises customer engagement and results in a spectrum of unique offers to Inorbit customers.

Customers can find information on ‘Dining’, ‘Shopping’ or ‘Pamper Zones’.


Scale: Apart from providing a platform for retailers to engage customers, we have built a certain amount of business intelligence in the Inorbit App which allows the engagement to evolve as the consumer uses the app. For example, when a customer ‘favourites’ a store, she is given the option to be alerted whenever there is an offer or update from that store. Over time, the Inorbit App presents a customised engagement.

The team is now working on features that will help retailers with perishable inventory [spas & restaurants] engage their customers by publishing time sensitive offers.


The Launch: Rigorous training sessions were conducted at 6 Inorbit Malls for all 6 Mall Managers & Individual store managers to educate them on how to utilise the full potential of the Inorbit In app & influence footfalls. Post all the survey’s and training sessions the Inorbit app was launched first exclusively on Inorbit Facebook fan pages and then on various owned & earned media and exclusive invites were sent out to regular customers.


Post launch there were several activation campaigns with promoters in malls inviting people to experience the app first hand. To invite people to explore the app in the month of Sep’2014 a social media campaign was done on twitter called ‘The Great Inorbit Hunt’. The contest was a take on a traditional treasure hunt – Give a missed call, Download the App, Favourite your mall and use ‘Shake & Win’ and get the first hint to find the ‘treasure’ [gift vouchers redeemable at the Inorbit malls]. This contest started getting followers on Inorbit twitter page, conversations as well app downloads and overall resulted in 1million collective reach on twitter and hundreds of app downloads.


Also, below is the comprise list of platforms used to promote Inorbit App

– Facebook

– Adwords

– Website widget

– Email signatures

– Call to get app

– Shake and win – this feature has been utilised extensively by individual mall managers to engage customers locally.



Shake & Win

Log in, Fill out your profile, tell us a few things about yourself and you can win loads of prizes. Simply, launch the ‘Shake & Win’ icon and give the app a good shake [take care to not lose grip on your precious phone or hurt somebody standing close]. If it’s your lucky day, you could unlock surprise gifts.

App users receive exclusive vouchers on their birthdays, anniversaries & more.

Special announcements & digital contests like Treasure Hunt are played here.

Now isn’t this a Magical Surprise!


Parking Assist

Geo-locate your car in the Inorbit parking.

Just drop a pin and take a picture of the parking bay. The smart parking assist feature will guide the user back to the car, while they take care of the shopping bags.

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