About Shoplocal

Shoplocal is a Mobile App that connects Local Business & Shoppers. It serves as a local noticeboard that connects merchants and local consumers through an easy to use mobile app.
Shoplocal is made by the award winning team at Phonethics. The team has over 50 years of combined experience in creating Mobile Apps, Digital campaign and Designing communication for global brands.
Our mission is to create a global, local network of mobile marketplaces.
We will achieve this by empowering small businesses around the world to create and manage their own Shoplocal stores and providing instant, relevant and local information to local customers.

From the blog

250 calls made to retailers through Shoplocal!

Shoplocal is a free app based on Android and iOS. It helps local business to promote their store for free through the app. The aim of Shoplocal is to empower these businesses with the technology to...

Cake, Pet shops and tattoos among the most searched on ShopLocal!

Till date more than 5000 keywords have been searched on Shoplocal App.  Cake, bandra, food, bakers, pet shops and tattoos are some of the most searched keywords on the app. To simplify the...

Power Users on Shoplocal reach more people

One thing that we have learnt is that your most active & prolific users can also be the most disengaged from the brand. We identified power users [featured below] and a key finding that stood...

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