The Digital Shift- Engagement Banking in Two Minute Product Explainers

A shift to the engagement banking mode calls for greater digitalization of the BFSI domain. There’s a need for functional step-by step product explainers  to go beyond the language barrier in order to establish facts visually.

Specially in India, which is sprawling across a vast territory of deep-rooted dialects, we’re either telling a story visually with motion graphics and animation or we are translating video scripts by the dozen!

So what’s the smart pick?

A product explainer which has no voiceover but sound effects and  animation to convey a serious message humorously-

The DSP BlackRock’s M-Invest product explainer, designed by the creative team at Phonethics after multiple brainstorming sessions, drove the message of  making hassle free smart transactions through your phone from the comfort of your home.

How does it strike up an engagement with the viewer? The tactical communication –  The pile of money you’re hoarding is disappearing in daily unplanned expenses!

A single click  from your phone and the pile of money is safely put  away in DSP’s havens!


Walking through the financial maze in 2 minutes-

The first effort towards humanizing  banking would be to educate the consumer.To walk the consumer through the financial maze, complex financial terms  can be broken down step by step in product explainers under 2minutes.

The HSBC mobile banking app demo runs you through the app flow in  2 minutes, ensuring that you can register in just 4 steps.


Why a product explainer video?

World Bank’s Mobile Internet Ecosystem Project affirms that the best way to catch the attention of the consumer who skips long text messages, is the explainer video.

A picture in motion makes concepts easier to grasp and stays on in one’s mind much after we’ve seen it . This has a much greater impact  than wordy, factual heavy promotionals.


Imagery in Explainers-

The product explainer Phonethics made for SBI Wealth Builder, adapts the imagery of this insurance plan as a unique tree which one can plant just once to bear all the fruits of life- children’s marriage, education, retirement etc.


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