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While a Mobile app for is now a mandatory touch point for Brands in various industries, It is imperative to follow a process while creating a Mobile App.  This (following a process) not only helps in optimum utilization of resources at both ends (Clients & developers) but also helps to deliver a mobile app, which can potentially create great value for your customers / users / partners.

Here’s a process which has worked for our clients & us to create Award winning Mobile apps on both iOS & Andriod platforms.


app development process at phonethics

1. Define the Project team:  

A Project team consists of Engineering & Design at Phonethics’ end. All briefs from the client are shared directly with these teams & further interaction is managed on digital project management tools provided by Phonethics at the start of the your project.

At Phonethics a Project co-ordinator is allocated to the your Project to help with anything during the development of Mobile apps

2. Project Management tool:

All projects are tracked on a project management tool – Basecamp.Clients can access project timelines, upload material and provide feedback & approvals using very easy and useful ‘to-do lists’ on basecamp.

a) The engineering team manages projects directly. We recommend a skype chat every Monday morning to catch up in person.

b) Typically the first item uploaded is the contractual ‘scope of work’ for the development of mobile apps.

3. Wire frames:

What are Wireframes?

Wireframes basically indicate the number of screens and the functionality on these screens.

A Sample wireframe for Selection cart & billing info is shared below:

Wireframes for Android app development

The scope of the project is considered final once the wireframes are locked.  We use a tool called as Balsamiq to create wireframes. The engineering team creates the flow based on the screens created at this stage. Most of the brainwork also happens at this stage.

a) Finalise actual production timelines

b) Revised billing if there’s impact on scope of work agreed earlier

4. User Experience & Testing:

The wireframes are shared with the UX [User Experience] team, which works with actual users to increase usability of the app and iron out bugs in the action flow. Basically, in this phase the app is checked and made

a) easy to use

b) screen flows [sequence of events within the app] are decided.

5. Mobile app design:

Design team’s involvement on the project starts after the wireframes are finalized. The design layouts for Mobile apps are designed & shared with you for your approval / go head.

6. Prototype:

We deploy a working prototype of the Mobile app either on your personal mobile or on a device provided by us. We use Testflight to deploy test builds for iOS

Mobile app development at Phonethics, Mumbai

7. Analytics:

Analytics is a very essential piece of code on the mobile app. These help us analyse the user behavior & determine next steps for next mobile marketing campaigns

app development

Phonethics uses Flurry & Localytics to provide insights into user behavior for your app. This will be set up alongside the app. We will provide a training session at the time of launch. These work like any other web based analytics tool [google analytics etc] and are simple to understand and use. Unless separately contracted, Phonethics does not provide assistance with this analytics. We can hand this over at the time of completion of the project.

8. Push notifications: 

One the user has downloaded your app, how would you connect with them for specific marketing events like an offer or new stock announcement? Simple, use Push Notifications.

Phonethics uses Urban Airship to manage in app & server side notification for your app users. These are used to market any offline activity, promotions, app updates to the app users. We can hand over these credentials on completion of the project.

9. APP Testing & Upload:

Post approvals on the prototypes shared with you during the development phase & a formal go ahead, the teams conducts a final testing of the Mobile app, fix any bugs encountered during testing & then submit the Mobile app for uploads on the Play store or the App store & go live with the apps.

10. Support: 

Once the Mobile app is delivered & uploaded on the app store. The Developer’s job is not finished; the app needs support for any bugs & any critical feedback from the app users.

We provide app support upto six months from the day of launch. This covers OS updates [if Apple or Android introduce new releases of their OS] and bugs. New features are not included in the support. Any new features apart from what has been contracted would be treated as a ‘new assignment and costed as such.

11. Mobile App Marketing or Digital Marketing:

We can help you deploy your app and market it. At Phonethics, Multinationals consult us for their digital marketing & Mobile marketing.

We design & execute national & regional Mobile/Digital marketing campaigns for our clients & their brands, help them identify where the TG is, Reach them time & again, guide the user for a desired user behavior on the platforms & sometimes over achieve objectives.

Now that you know a bit more about our Mobile app development process, you can connect with us here for any Mobile app development related enquiries for your Brand.

Visit here to check out few Apps designed & developed by Phonethics.

–By pramod@phonethics at Phonethics.in

app development

app development



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