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We all dread Monday, but if we use our Mondays right it can set the tone for the coming week & lay a path to achieve milestones which we couldn’t reach the last week.

Here’s a Monday Morning checklist to help us sail through the week.


It is a good time to go through top stories in your sector, we know you have set up google alerts for monday morning. Its time to read them! & get your dose on what’s happening around you & make a note of any key events that can trigger a behavior in the digital environment for brands that you manage?


Its commonly believed that Monday mornings are not the best time to post since the audience is typically ‘busy’, we say, do a Monday Morning post without fail. Why?

It is imperative that we reach out to the audiences who are online anytime but our optimal post time?

Below is a typical curve for fan pages mentioning the times when their fans are online.

Digital Marketing Curve

We say, plan your calendar for an interesting Monday morning post. Don’t wait to optimize for ‘reach’ on facebook or any social channel. To expand reach for people who don’t log in at the optimal time.

In our experience it works!



Digital Media is not traditional media. Nothing is right unless the data tells us that its right. So use your monday morning to go through the key metrics you are measuring – Sales, Visits on website, traffic from target geographies, devices, conversion, user flow, etc.

The key metrics should be tracked & plotted on a daily basis. They should be available offline or on project management tools like Basecamp for other team members to collaborate & contribute towards reaching the desired milestone.

Here’s what could be a great template to help you design the weeks activities based on analytics & score a goal.

Digital Marketing Key Metric



While a team member should be assigned to monitor the Adwords campaigns through the weekend, it is imperative to review the campaigns before we start  the week.

This helps in optimizing the campaign to achieve the objectives within the constraints.

There are a few questions that you need to ask in order to review Adwords.  A detailed post on how to review your Adwords campaigns will be up shortly.

national digital marketing campaigns


Do you use any project managemet software? If not then sign up for one. We use Basecamp internally for active task management.

Now that we have clarity on what we worked on & what can be improved, Its time to identify & allocate content highlights of the coming week. So log on & start allocating, Post alerts to team members based on data from the analytics & key metrics.

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