Elevator Vs. Stairs

Some days when i take the stairs instead of the elevator i see –

a) an exit route

b) the shady guys hanging around my office building

c) other offices, people, lobby and common areas

d) how the tea, lunch and heavy stuff is actually shunted and manipulated up 7 floors

This is true about my work too.

Some days when i take the slower, harder route to the finish i get a closer look at –

a) Errors and how to ‘exit’ them

b) The instructions, people, systems and processes that caused those errors

c) I actually get to network with people who know their stuff, get a peek into how they solve problems and what they thought of the cool feature idea i wanted [its called feedback]

d) A peek into the grid. our businesses are delivered by a mostly invisible workforce, the graphics artists, the talented database writer and other such beasts are low profile folks who prefer the anonymity of their roles. The business then is ‘re-delivered’ by slick, smooth talking ‘front end’ boys and girls who are essentially bullshit artists with some common sense [this is not a judgement call even though it reads like one, very tough to find common sense. esp in pretty people]

Taking the slower route, deliberating on decisions and allowing time for a project to build forces me to think about details that require interaction with the real grid.

Its not possible to take the stairs everyday. Elevators are part of our lives. But its a good idea to take the slower way every once in a while. It helps you separate the ‘sex’ from the merely ‘sexy’



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