First Week At Phonethics

My first day on the job was on 19th November 2014. I remember walking in very nervous and taking a seat and looking at everyone. Starting my career gave me the jitters. It reminded me of the first day at school: Nervous, hassled, excitement. As I always wanted to work in a digital marketing agency and getting a chance to work in an award winning agency was nothing less than a dream.

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As a fresher my first thought was colleagues in office would look down at me. To my pleasant surprise, I was wrong. Phonethics is a modern, digital agency. My head Amritanshu clearly explained what the company expects and helped me and made me understand how to work systematically. It was nerve-wracking but Amritanshu was there in every step of the way, guiding and correcting my mistakes. On first day I remember leaving with a smile on a face, happy that I landed my dream job. The first week was very informative. My colleagues helped me to become familiar with my work. It is an enjoyable experience and I love every step of it. I will never forget my first week at Phonethics. It will always be a big part of me maturing and becoming a young adult.

Bhavya Gowda

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