Friends & Family of an Entrepreneur

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An entrepreneur is a greedy creature by nature. Specially greedy for all help that he can get. And yet, our hubris and ego [which we are able to leverage in client pitches & negotiations] can prevent us from listening to perfectly good advice. The truth is, we all can do with some help. This help comes often from freinds & family. Recently we were trying to understand how to open up our site more efficiently to search engines. I got talking about this with my friend and fellow entrepreneur Gautam Narayanan, a Wedding Photographer based in Manchester, UK. Gautam has worked with international NGOs and major fashion names in India and is now a successful wedding photographer with a rapidly expanding business. Remarkably, he has figured out a bunch of digital tools – search marketing, search optimisation etc to help market his business. I’ve been very impressed with a start-up like approach that Gautam has towards his business.

Gautam has been a serious advocate of managing the Phonethics web presence optimally. One look at his website will tell you enough, not just about the quality of images but also the write up which comes across pretty much like him – straight and honest.

I regularly consult Gautam on various aspects and challenges of running a startup in India. His insights and frank opinion help me keep to the straight and narrow 🙂

I think this is a wonderwall like safety net that few founders enjoy. It was on his advice that we revamped the web presence for Phonethics [this is something all digital agencies crib about, working on client brands while their own brand goes unattended]. We now not only have a decent web presence but a healthy stream of clients / prospective employees looking at our presence. So here’s a shout to him, all the way from India. Cheers, mate 🙂

p.s – I am going to blog a bit more about advice and time spent by some dear friends on problems that I have faced as an entrepreneur. It’s absolutely awesome to have this network of people who will give honest feedback or simply, a patient ear. both things that every entrepreneur on this planet needs.


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