I am not a bot. Am i not a Bot?

It’s not tough to imagine that soon an App will be able to instruct and correct the way you paint, sculpt or sing. Inspite of the skepticism surrounding AI [Artificial Intelligence] the truth is that most consumer apps today are scarily intuitive both in design [layout, colour, buttons, texture – what we call UI or User Interface] and function.


We paint, create music, play an instrument and sing and correct the pitch of our voice at the click of a button. The program suggests, corrects and guides, roles, conventionally played by the teacher / guru. The seduction of enhanced ability or plugging in, like Neo (The Matrix) is obvious. We desire the simplicity and amoral servility of virtual assistance and love our virtual friends – it’s only a matter of time when we discover how much these apps know about us or rather ‘how well they know us’. I can see the ad copy already – apps that care, bots that complete you and plug ins that help you be the real you.
Waiting for the inevitably app assisted, on demand skilled world – I thought of the scope of ‘Creative’ [the output, the artist] and ‘Creativity’ [the impulse, the process]. Not an easy task even without the added confusion of ‘pure’ and ‘derived’ creative output.

If Technology allows us to experience parallel worlds, cultures and expressions and Apps allow us to enhance our individual ability and skill then perhaps we’re ripe for Creative mutation or the mutated creative streak – something new that speaks to and speaks of these blended, melding, fused worlds, Expression not bound by a specific skill – but Vision or Need.

The Mutated creative would be Warrior, Connoisseur and Maven, and not just painter, ariter, musician – abilities democratically distributed by technology to all – creating art that’s way beyond what’s valued by the pleasure seeking classes.

Art then, is no longer merely the ability, which is reduced to a tickbox, augmented by an app or virtual assistance but an expression that begins outside the artist’s imagination, enters the scope of her vision and bursts free like a jumping electric neon pulse hopping, skipping, leapfrogging through the world, ence beyond a simplistic display of ability or individual expression. A starting point for it’s audience, a never-ending story, constantly evolving [reminds you of something, doesn’t it? ]

The End of the tyranny of ability, of special skills, or brush wielding creativity. The dawn of app-lified self actualisation.

good? bad? Is it just a very large circle that we’re drawing?

Jaron Lanier warns us against such a scenario in ‘You are not a gadget’.

I’m not entirely convinced if it’s all downhill from here. But there’s no app to tell us that.

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