Importance of Responsive Design

Almost every client these days want a mobile version of their website. One design for each platform like BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, netbook, Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too. In a few years, for every other new platforms that evolve by time. Creating a design for every resolution and screen dimension is quite impractical. Responsive design is the solution of this dilemma. A responsive design consists of grids, layouts , images and tactfully used CSS with its media queries. Thus no matter what platform is the website viewed on, it would be automatically adjusting and resulting into an excellent user experience, thus eliminating the need to create a design per platform, making the design universal. SEO Booster One of the biggest ranking factor of Google is site quality. If a user reaches a site through mobile search and if the site is not mobile optimized, then there will be a definite rise in the bounce rates. An increase in the bounce rate is a big ‘no no’ for google and thus will decrease the page rank for the website. There are two ways to optimize the website for mobile, one is responsive design and other is a completely different mobile site. Both approach will serve the purpose. The only drawback and a point to be noted is that people tend to put the mobile site on a sub-domain, which I would not recommend. What I would suggest is to rather put it in a directory than a sub-domain, by doing this the site’s authority will be passed in a much efficient way. Another drawback of a mobile site is that it has to be optimized separately, unlike responsive designs which can be optimized for all platforms in one go. Thus mobile sites would require added investment. Mobile is the future It has been statistically proved that there has been a major conversion of user from desktop to mobile. So it is quite important for your website to be mobile-friendly and on every other platform, meaning if a user visits your site from a mobile device and if your website is not mobile-friendly your are by default routing all your users to your competitors website. User is the king. Even though meaningful content is the top priority to have in a website, the content stands meaningful only if it is viewable. The content can draw a user towards your site, but to keep the user interested the content that the user needs should be easily accessible and should not prove to be an obstacle course where the user has to scroll and slide to reach the desired content. If that is the case then you are making arrangements for a final farewell for all your mobile users. Conclusion: Responsive design Rocks!!!   Some of our work:,

this post is written by Girish Prabhu, Front End Developer, Phonethics

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