Metrics for Creative Agencies

Creative Agencies operating in the Digital landscape track various metrics for their clients. Broadly the digital communication by a brand can be viewed in two ways – a ‘view’ and an actual interaction.

We are calling this ACTION – a smaller term for ‘Actual Customer Interaction’.

Increasingly we find ourselves focused on this specific aspect of digital marketing. Here’s why more creative digital agencies need to think about the two types of metrics –


A ‘view’ or ‘impression’ based communication is a passive consumption of the brand’s message. Analytics confirmed views / delivery of push notifications, serving of a banner ad, successful delivery of a newsletter or any other form of digital communication would be in this category. This is also an important metric to track and is often used by digital agencies to define and measure Audience Reach.


An ‘ACTION’ metric is created when someone actually interacts with the digital communication. It could be an actual swipe to open the app when a push notification is received by the customer, a social media conversation or comment, a photo or text submission for a contest or even clicking on a specific link in the newsletter to know more the topic. As audiences become comfortable with digital interactions they have also begun ‘pulling’ information from brand messages. This interaction or pull is extremely valuable. Aggregated for a large audience it can give us an insight into behavior and preference.


We are working on making ACTION the cornerstone of our campaigns and digital strategy design.

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