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Rishi Saxena,IOS Engg. talks about working on the Dance with Madhuri mobile apps –  

Dance With Madhuri IOS mobile app is an online, socialized, gamified dance academy created by Madhuri Dixit to share her passion for dance.

It seeks to bring the essence of dance learning to anyone, anywhere, anytime on any device. From this app users can learn to dance from the superstar, herself, as well as a host of renowned choreographers in all genres. The design & content of the IOS Apps have been engineered to take advantage of the iPad’s and iPhone screen sizes, always keeping in mind the creative ethos and inputs from millions of fans across the globe.

Main features of the app –

* Watch all the latest dance lessons and unlock many badges to move ahead in rankings.

* Ability to download the lessons and watch them offline.

* See latest rankings in leaderboard and check his rank as well.

* Watch all the users uploaded videos and upload his video as well.

* Follow all the tweets of #dancewithmadhuri twitter hashtag.

* Give his/her feedback about the app.

It was my second app after getting lots of appreciation for ‘Madhuri Dixit’ IOS mobile App. So the challenge was to build this app with same high standards as we did for her first app at the same time keeping it simple for the end user to enjoy the dance lessons on small screen.

The main section of this app was ‘Learn Dance’ section where users can see all the lessons of different dance genres.

mobile app for dance with madhuri

mobile app by digital agency

So the challenge was to show each lesson in one screen in a very beautiful way and yet allow the user to be able to play with them. So we decided to represent all the lessons in a Carousel with reflections giving it a look of floating views on glass platform so that user can see them in one go and be able to check all the videos very easily.

fans response

The next challenge was to show the video in such a way that user is not distracted with others things. So we created a window with video embedded in it and showed it with move out animation with dim background, making it look more like an cinematic experience and focusing only on the video.

mobile app response

android app

When this mobile app released on App Store we got very nice comments from her fans and mainly Madhuri Ma’m also appreciated our work and liked the app very much. We recently saw her new film ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ and it was a moment of great pride to have been associated with such a brilliant actress.

It was totally a team effort at Phonethics to make this app possible. I would like to thank Mr Sagar Mody (CTO), Vishal Kashyap (Creative Head) for guiding me while designing this app and also I would like to thank my iOS teammate Kirti Nikam for her valuable support. I would also like to thank my android teammates Nitin Bathija, Manoj Masane and Salman Khan for their support in making this app the way it is. Finally a big thank you to our CEO Mr Saurabh Gupta for giving me this opportunity and providing his valuable inputs during app development phase.

Nitin Bathija, Android Engg. talks about working on the Dance with Madhuri mobile apps –  

The Dance with Madhuri mobile app is official app for ì,î which is an first online, socialized and gamified dance academy initiated by Madhuri Dixit to share her passion for dance. The whole object of the website and the mobile app is to take the dance to the world. The design & content of the App have been engineered to take advantage of special features provided by mobile device’s, always keeping in mind the creative ethos and inputs from millions of fans across the globe.

The Dance With Madhuri journey began with her official app Madhuri Dixit Nene. Not to mention, I was lucky enough to be part of her online dance academy too. It took about two months to build this elegant mobile app. One particular challenge that I had to overcome was to get data as fast as possible even on a weak network coverage, as the network calls were the back bone of this mobile software.

android app
In order to make the app as elegant as Madhuri herself, I made use of a few external tools that were available on the internet.

I was pleasently surprised when I was informed our tech lead Mr. Sagar Mody had informed me that I had to be present for a meeting in connection to this project. Not only was it my first professional meet, but the fact that I got a chance to work for someone I deeply admired simply made it more worthwhile. The highlight of that meeting was to get the feedback from ‘The Doctor’ on the first cut release of the app and his feedback meant a lot to us as he appreciated our efforts. It only motivated us to work harder and make the application much better that what it already was.

And here comes a day when the app was ready to release and we were waiting for nod from the diva herself. The app became instant hit and all it needed was just a single tweet from Madhuri Dixit. Such is it’s popularity that it has received 6000 downloads with a rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store.

It would take a team like the one I have at Phonethics to make the impossible, possible. Much like my blog the app would have been incomplete without Mr Sagar Mody (CTO), Vishal Kashyap (Creative Head) and Rishi Saxena. Manoj Masane and Salman Khan my Android teammates deserve a special mention too. Finally a big thank you to THE MAN- our CEO Mr Saurabh Gupta. Your advice and appreciations certainly meant a lot to us.

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