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    Launch Website for Nissan Micra. Note the navigation dial mimicking the on board climate control dial in the Micra.

Phonethics is the Digital Agency on Record for Nissan Micra. The team handles all Creative, Media Buying, Social duties and manages the complete digital footprint for Nissan Micra. We have worked on the brand since it’s launch and this account occupies much of our hearts and minds at Phonethics. Throughout our site you can read about some kickass campaigns and apps that we have built around this car brand. Besides awards, what we cherish the most are the moments when we’re able to track a sale to a digital campaign or drive walk-ins to the dealers across the country.

Here is how the journey began –

In 2010 Nissan was a relatively unknown quantity in India, with cult popularity amongst petrolheads and top end cars like the 370Z and Teana & Xtrail in the market. When Nissan decided to launch its small car, Nissan Micra, the automobile digital campaign had to be Innovative, Efficient, Accessible & Inspire trust.

We designed an unusual [albeit a bit risky] Automobile digital campaign – leverage 370Z fanbase to launch the Nissan Micra. A content rich Nissan 370Z Facebook page attracted fans of the iconic car. This community organically bloomed to over 30,000 hardcore Nissan fans within a few weeks and prepared a perfect base for a soft launch of the Micra. This campaign was chosen and awarded by the Indian PR Association for the ‘Best use of Social Media in PR’.

As part of the launch campaign we also designed a website that closely mimics the unique iKey & Climate control features of the Nissan Micra.

We have now been involved with designing more than 10 launch campaigns


nissan mircra nissan mircra

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