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  • Nissan Sunny website
  • Nissan Sunny website


As the Digital Agency on record, we were tasked with designing and implementing a Launch Digital campaign for Nissan Sunny.

Inspite of being the 3rd largest selling sedan in the world, very few people were aware of Sunny in India. The Digital campaign had to consider – How to build a consumer connect that highlights the trust that millions of customers across the world have put in the brand Nissan Sunny.

Typically Automobile digital campaigns are high volume and high impact and this is an extremely competitive space where many automobile brands are vying for consumer attention.



As part of the launch campaign, a Playful, Informative microsite was set up before launch. It walked the viewer through the evolution of brand sunny from the 70s [Datsun] right through to present day. This site seamlessly evolved into the brand site on the day of the launch.

Both Sunny and Micra websites are actively monitored for consumer pathways and we routinely shuffle content to primary viewing spots based on the content our audience wishes to see [heatmaps of what people are clicking through]

Prominent social integration allowed brand fans to stay updated on a dedicated facebook page.

For 7 days after its launch, Nissan Sunny was the Number 1 item on Google trends, generating hundreds of thousands of visits. A stellar achievement for any Automobile digital campaign.


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