Brand Film for Education Loan Portal

    After a year of handling digital marketing activities for Vidya Lakshmi, Phonethics was entrusted with the task of creating a brand film that would communicate Vidya Lakshmi’s key benefits to the consumers. This was envisaged as a web video for exclusive release through Youtube and Social Channels.

    This is the Director’s Cut of the film, not released

    The Audience for this Video

    Primarily aimed at students and their parents, the film tries to highlight the hassle-free education loan application process offered by Vidya Lakshmi. This was the brand’s first audiovisual venture.

    Financial products and services are complex and so is most of the communication from this sector. The trick, however, is to de-jargonize and simplify it for the masses. It is to be crafted keeping in mind the consumer’s pain points and how a particular service addresses them. We’ve been simplifying complicated communication for more than a decade having worked extensively in the BFSI sector. Digital videos produced by us for the BFSI sector have been used for customer education, product explanation as well as communication with partners such as Financial Advisors. 


    For a large number of Indians, any interaction with the banking sector is looked upon as a complicated and time-consuming process. However, Indian parents will do anything to ensure quality education for their kids. It is said that many parents will even skip a meal to pay the fees for their child. In a lighter vein this film captures the banter between a husband and wife, ably played by veteran actors Sanjay Sonu and Sheeba Chaddha, as they fill out several forms to apply for an education loan for their child, played by Maanta Dewan.

    Video Script

    Drawing inspiration from and locating the brand film in an average Indian home made the narrative and characters more relatable. The emphasis is not so much on the features of Vidya Lakshmi; but more on how they affect the lives of those using the service – how it makes things easier for them.

    The film was shot by cinematographer Lawrence Dcunha.

    The extended FAQ version of the film tries to answer questions that we’ve encountered since the launch of the Vidya Lakshmi service.

    Team at Phonethics was responsible for coming up with the insight, developing the script, and seeing the project through from ideation to execution.

    Vidya Lakshmi released the film in two parts – the first part comprises of the central storyline whereas the second film addressed the FAQs.

    This is the released version of the film


    This film answers all the FAQs related to Vidya Lakshmi

    Cast: Sanjay Sonu, Sheeba Chaddha, and Maanta Dewan
    Costume: Sujata
    DOP: Lawrence Dcunha
    Editor: Kunal Brid
    Music Director: Ajay Kakade
    Sound Engineering: Rishab Splice Studio
    Production by: Nutshell films
    Executive Producer: Moby
    Line Producer: Raj Rambhia
    Script: Saurabh, Vishal, Prateek
    Directors: Saurabh & Vishal
    Agency: Phonethics

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