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From the time ICC announced the dates for the Cricket World Cup 2015, we knew that for the six weeks from mid-Feb to end March, cricket and conversations about cricket would dominate social media. Given India’s massive following for the sport, Social Media was going to be abuzz with the latest developments of every match.

cricket and advertising

We wanted the brand, Digisol (manufacturer of wireless networking products), to take an active participation in this conversation, to have topical content and be relevant to the audience during this period without losing brand connect. We treated ‘cricket’ as a social object and devised a creative route that connected cricket to wireless technology – a core offering of DIGISOL.

The rendition of the creative idea in a series of FB posts titled ‘The wireless signals of cricket’ shows how wireless technology has always been part of Cricket.

cricket and advertising

Every time an umpire raises his finger or makes a certain gesture, he is communicating wirelessly. The gesture is a wireless signal to the batsman, the bowler and the team. Each post in this series takes an interesting look at the wireless signals of cricket. By raising his index finger, the umpire wirelessly signals the batsman to walk back to pavilion. Raising both his hands signals the jubilation that often comes with a six.

cricket and advertising

We posted only on match days, while the matches were being played. And we had direct connect with a certain highlight of the match.

For example, when Chris Gayle smashed his double century, he set the world record for most sixes in an ODI. We duly posted the umpire signaling the maximum. By keeping the posts relevant and specific to a match we ensured better interaction.

While almost everybody knows about cricket and the rules of the game, it was fun for users to look at cricket from the perspective of the brand. This advertising campaign was aimed at creating a strong association between cricket and wireless technology. By creatively leveraging cricket and having entertaining conversations around the posts, we successfully managed to ride the wave that a cricket world cup normally creates in India.


During this time, regular posts advertising products would have been lost in the sea of other cricket related posts, diminishing the brand’s value on Facebook. Our creative approach allowed us to stand out from the crowd and the swarm of other cricket related posts, by bringing a smile to the faces of those who engaged with our brand. We thus achieved creating a positive vibe and a friendly brand recall.

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