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Glamour meets Learning and Gamification. A Digital platform to learn dance from the Hindi Film Superstar. Madhuri Dixit Nene from the comfort of your home. It’s a one-of-a-kind & the world’s first attempt to teach dance online in a fun and engaging way. The concept of the online Dance Learning Academy “Dance with Madhuri” was ideated and conceptualized by Mr. Hrishikesh Kunte, Product Manager at Phonethics. Since it’s launch the Academy has received over 150k visits and currently has more than 15,000 registered students from 127 countries. 

Madhuri Dixit- Nene’s dancing talent has always been one of the most talked about aspects & has been a major highlight of her Bollywood career. Since her all-time hit dance number “Ek Do Teen”, Madhuri’s genius and passion for dancing is world renowned. To leverage her global popularity and provide access to millions of fans we proposed a digital learning platform. is not just an online dance learning academy, but we have used the fundamentals of game theory and game science to make learning fun, competitive and engaging. The game principals, commonly known today as “Gamification”, work on the engaging and iterative human behavior. Why people play games and enjoy them fundamentally rests on the game theory principals.

Dance with Madhuri is designed to get you dancing right away (even if you are a true beginner), using songs you actually like and have seen in movies. We will build on a massive library of hits and the lessons that go with it. All you need is an internet enabled device (we recommend computer for a better experience) and an urge to dance. Madhuri along with her team of Expert Choreographers will be your teachers and her philosophy is simple: learning dance should be fun, you should dance on what you like, and you’re never too old to learn. Below are the features of the system:


Madhuri and her team of Choreographers will walk you through your favorite songs one step at a time, showing you how to dance on it; you can then try along with them, step by step. She and her team are with you all the way with constructive feedback and helpful pointers on how to practice, what area to work on, and what to do to refine your moves.


Once you are done practicing your dance moves, you can get a feedback from Madhuri and Team by submitting your videos. You can record your steps using a digital camera or your mobile phone camera and upload the video for the review. If you need to focus on a particular part just scroll back to it in the Video Tutorials, practice, and loop over till you get it right and upload the videos.


‘Dance with Madhuri’ awards scores and badges for different achievements like watching the video tutorials, mastering the dance steps of the song, or making headway in a particular musical genre Forcompetitive types, you can choose to see how you’re scoring relative to other people dancing with Madhuri, and see your score up on a leaderboard.


The system has social elements like FB and Twitter which makes it super easy to share your progress and achievements with your friends and family. Social Elements also help make the system more fun and engaging.

So go ahead and show off your moves to the world on



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