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    Over the last few years, the world has entered a truly ‘smart’ age, thanks to technological advancements. With Internet of Things (IoT) and smartphones transcending the traditional use of communication, cutting-edge products with focus on innovation and technology are the new ‘in’ thing. SYNQ is the latest entrant to the field and Phonethics has been hired as the digital agency for the lifestyle brand.

    Launched in 2016, SYNQ is a lifestyle brand from the house of Smartlink. The brand aims to bring mobile technology solutions and accessories to the masses at affordable rates. Fitness bands, wireless earbuds, and MFi cables are some of the products currently offered by the brand.

    Executing a product shoot for the brand was one of the first tasks that the team at Phonethics was entrusted with. Then began the hunt for the right photographer! And after days of scrounging through countless portfolios, we zeroed in on Lijomon George – who clicked some amazing images that would later go on to be used across all of SYNQ’s communication.

    Here are a few stills from the day of the shoot:

    SYNQ - still from product shoot                                 SYNQ - still from product shoot                                 SYNQ - still from product shoot

    And here are some of the final product shots

    SYNQ - fitness band product still                                 SYNQ - wireless earbuds product still                                 SYNQ - fitness band product still

    As SYNQ’s digital agency, Phonethics is also managing the brand’s social channels like Facebook. In addition, we will also help the brand build a pan-India strategy to connect with the new generation of digital consumers.

    The brand is currently available on e-commerce stores like Amazon.

    The following creative were designed by team Phonethics to promote the SYNQ products on digital platforms.

    SYNQ - digital ad

    SYNQ - digital ad

    SYNQ - digital ad

    SYNQ - digital ad

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