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‘Legend of Bournville’ – a memorable TV campaign in 2010 that exhorted the audience to not just ‘buy a Bournville but earn it’.

We were tasked with bringing the legend alive online by producing digital content that explained the idea of ‘earning it’ and designing a social media campaign. We created a character, the Old Hound & designed a graphical novel that was released as digital content around his quest for the Bournville.

The Dark Truth – A blog based graphic novel received 160 comments and over 1,62,071 views in 3 months across several social media networks.  The protagonist, ‘Old Hound’ became the social handle for the campaign and engaged people in over 200k interactions on Twitter, FB & the blog itself.

The graphic novels were handpainted by Vishal [our talented Creative Director] & his team of creative dudes. This proves our conviction that social media campaigns that are content driven can become very successful. We seriously wish the client would turn this one into an iOS App 🙂

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