Building a digital property

Building a digital property

    The home is where the wifi is- an oft quoted phrase but true to our times nonetheless!It is an integral part of our lives now  be online 24*7! So isn’t it obvious that we personify our own wifi device and give it a whacky name… from our favourite song to absolute gibberish ! Inspite of being obvious it is an everyday phenomena that we hardly give a thought to. Commodity fetishism has made us connect emotionally with our material belongings. One look into our everyday naming quirks and we were sure about the #NameYourWifi  twitter contest for DIGISOL!

    Twitter post                             Twitter post

    This was back in 2014. With a spiralling success of two editions to their name, #NameYourWifi has now become a digital property of the brand DIGISOL. It is no more just a social media campaign. It is a social object that they own and can roll it out on digital platforms whenever they wish to talk to their fans!

    Large volume of digital conversations revolve around a social object, such as a  photo, story, product, event, an app and so forth. These objects then become the heart of our conversations. In turn, we may also be willing to share objects. What is easily shared across digital platforms becomes a great digital object.

    That is exactly what #NameYourWifi became- from a single hashtag to a digital property.  It became a social media object which people were sharing across Twitter. Engaging in interesting conversations, the participants weren’t just tweeting about the edgy name they had for their Wifi routers! They were re-tweeting and tagging other people to make others follow this new trend that we had set of naming your wifi.

    Twitter post                       Twitter post


    The third edition of #NameYourWifi had an objective of engaging atleast 100 Twitter influencers. We were gunning to achieving a benchmark of 1200 + tweets.  Tweets in this edition earned more than 13,000 engagements. The four day first edition  generated 1.77 million impressions and reached out to over  8.5 lac users. The third edition generated 185.7 K  new impressions and connected over  a million Twitter users through the span of just two days! The velocity of conversation was high, with the 2014  participants expressing fond memories of the #NameYourWifi campaign. It wasn’t only creatively stimulating for the participants but promised exciting goodies too.



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