Facebook Contest on Women’s Day, 2015

Sunrich is a refined sunflower oil brand from the house of Ruchi Soya. The brand’s primary target audience is women in the age bracket of 22-45 in SEC B,C. Sunrich as a brand has been present in the market for more than 10 years but the focus on the brand started in 2014 with clearly defined proposition followed by a strong communication. South India constitutes ~70% of the Sunflower oil category and hence the brand has been focusing in the Southern geographies. . Furthermore, this was Sunrich’s first foray in digital media.
One of the first things that people in smaller towns do once they get internet connectivity is create a Facebook profile. Using this core insight, we believed that the best way for the brand to reach their target audience was through Facebook. The challenge was to frame a compelling communication strategy that would connect with its target audience, cutting across age, class, and language barriers. The campaign had to also be relevant, topical, easy to execute and simple to participate in. As this was the brand’s first ever social media campaign, it had to be a linchpin of the brand’s future digital activities.

We created a campaign around our TG and their lives. The primary objective of the campaign was to find an emotional connect and resonance with our audience. Another objective, and equally important from the brand’s perspective, was to create a campaign that could later turn into a digital property of the brand.

We chose to leverage the conversations around the International Women’s Day, a popular social object. Using a creative route, we came up with a contest that acknowledged the aspirations, needs and lifestyle of women. Titled “I Am The Sun”, we ran the campaign around the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2015, exclusively on the Sunrich Facebook Page. The basic insight behind this campaign was that women are at the centre of their families and hence they are the Sun of their universe. Just like Sun provides us light, warmth and essays a host of other roles, the women in our lives essays various roles of a mother, a daughter, a sister, a housewife and many more. All planets revolve around the sun, similarly, the entire family revolves around the women of the house.
Creative idea is presented in the following copy (from the campaign):

I’m the morning light that lifts the darkness
I’m love, compassion, strength and kindness
I’m the rainbow. I’m the color pink
I’m the sweet fragrance of the wind
I give life, I nurture and I care
As a mother, daughter, sister, wife, I’m everywhere
Rainy days or winter nights, I never stop shining.
I’m a star. I’m a woman. I’m the Sun.

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Through a series of posts on the above concept that celebrated their stature we encouraged women to participate and share their thoughts and wishes.

The campaign’s communication is based on a universal theme which is also equally local.
We asked women about themselves, their insights, views and hopes. We gave them a platform and invited them to curate a show, keeping it simple for the sake of easy participation. Our posts featured women of different age groups, social backgrounds and showed them in various avatars. While emphasis was laid on the role of a woman in her family, we also had posts with women as individuals. Creative imagery provided a good representation of our audience and hence our TG could easily identify with it.

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The contest was run on the Facebook wall, so women had to simply write their wish and thoughts in the ‘Comments’ section of each post.
The campaign also gave the brand a digital property.

The response for this campaign was overwhelming. Women poured their hearts out as they wrote about their wishes and their aspirations. The campaign gave the brand the boost it needed on Facebook. The bulk of the response came from our target audience, thereby achieving the primary objective of the campaign.

We had women from over 50 towns and cities that included small towns such as Mandya, Aleppey and Kadaba and not just a handful of metros. This proved our hypothesis that Facebook was the best medium to reach women between the ages 22 -45 residing in smaller towns and cities.

The success of this campaign lies not only in the quantity of the response, but the quality of the response it managed to generate. The women wished not just for themselves or their families but for society at large and in particular for all the women across the world. Through the wishes of these wonderful women, the I Am The Sun campaign showcased a solidarity among women hailing from diverse backgrounds, cutting across caste, religions and language.

The brand benefited immensely by being firmly associated with the collective vision of the women who participated. The campaign’s success has enabled the brand to create a digital property around “I Am The Sun” and they are also looking to adapt it for their offline marketing. Lastly, the success of the campaign meant that the brand now has the confidence to execute future social media campaigns on a much larger scale.digital advertising

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