Funny Web ad

Rahul Subramanian plays Avishwas & Vishwas in this super fun film.

This web ad was made for the launch of Securnumber.

This is a unique service that helps job seekers pre-verify their resume. While the script was written by the Phonethics team we reached out to stand up comic – Rahul Subramanian and pitched the idea to him.


Actor – Rahul Subramanian Voice of HR – Darren Das Writers – Prateek Singh & Saurabh Gupta (spontaneous inputs by Rahul too) DOP – Vandita Jain Editor – Sandy, SK studios Sound design & Music – Bhassker Saikiya Graphics & Grading – Pritam Soni (late nights are babyfood for this dude) Line Producer – Divya Kamath (stellar work) Executive Producer – Kishor Shahri (he made this film possible) Location Courtesy – Awfis (Co-working space, they’re awesome, you should check them out) Production House – Phonethics (YAY!) Asst Director – Prateek Singh Director – Saurabh Gupta

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