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  • Gojiyo- Chef Game Design

This game design project was brought to us by DMA YellowWorks for their Client Godrej Nature’s Basket. We designed an immersive experience and contests where someone could try their hand at various recipes or learn from an in-game chef. The project was part of the ambitious GoJiyo 3d world which is similar to Second Life. Our team visualised and designed the virtual world specific to Nature’s Basket while the coding [done in Unity 3d] was handled by the client / vendors. While we never got to know if any of the ideas and creative was ever implemented [yes, that happens sometimes, especially if you are too far down in the food chain, which we were at this point in this project] or inspired anything that was built and implemented – it was fun and complex as all game design projects are.

After all these years, We are now working on a Unity based game and we now appreciate the tremendous technology and creative challenge in implementing projects at this scale.

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