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Madhuri Dixit-Nene is a superstar of Hindi Cinema. She is a household name in India and a beacon of integrity and family entertainment for millions of fans all over the world.

Also known as the Dancing Diva, she has wowed audiences across the world with her dazzling Classical as well as Contemporary Dance performances in Hindi movies.

With more than 100 million apps being downloaded in India every month, the most logical step forward to reach the new-age audience was to go mobile! We were tasked with iOS & Android App development to enhance her digital presence.


With a social media presence in place and a website of her own, connecting with the fans on-the-go was her sole objective behind making this app. With the in-surge of Smartphones, iPads & Tablets presence on these devices was the hygiene to be maintained.

Besides, keeping in mind the stature of the superstar, it was of utmost importance that we stand out in terms of its aesthetic appeal, usability and features without compromising on any of them at the same time.


The app had to have Images and Videos of the Diva which meant having to strictly put a cap on the size of the app without compromising on the user-interface and the design.

We also made sure that her entire digital presence, be it on the website or the app, were in sync with each other. The updates on the website had to reflect on the app instantaneously.

Sagar Mody, Chief Technology Officer, Phonethics Mobile Media Pvt Ltd, says “the challenge was to seamlessly integrate the content on the mobile app from the existing website. The website was built way before we could foresee the possibility of a mobile app & hence the major concern was to be able to update the app with the same content put up on the website”.

While the API-based data pulling helped us populate the content on the app straight from the website without hampering the functionality of the website, the design and the aesthetic appeal of the app was being worked on with equal importance.

Madhuri dixit videos       Madhuri dixit photos

                                                     Video content                                                            Photo Gallery

 User Interface & Design:

Designing the app was a big challenge given the fact that it was going to be the first official app for one of the biggest icons of the Indian cinema – Madhuri Dixit Nene.

Vishal Kashyap, Creative Head, Phonethics Mobile Media says, “We conceptualized the design with the thought that the app should be her personal statement. Design should reflect the qualities which have become synonymous with her persona. So a design which could be interpreted as – timeless, unique, elegant, classy, aesthetically rich and yet simple was the design that we thought would be befitting for the app.”

As a result, we have a unique thematic design with a non-conventional navigation offering a clutter-free user interface.


Madhuri dixit app       Madhuri dixit ios app

The simple yet stylish User Interface

 Social Integration:

The 2nd version of the iOS app has an exciting new feature for the Social Junkies. The app has an in-built Facebook and a Twitter Page of the superstar.  This makes Liking and sharing the content a lot easier and quicker.

“People loved Madhuri’s pictures, be it old or the new, and there has always been an instant urge to like the picture, share it and follow the page for more updates from the star herself. This feature seamlessly addresses the issue”, says Sagar Modi.

This feature primarily added to the ease of the audience & helped them reach their social networking profiles, consequently increasing the virality & the number of downloads.


Madhuri dixit nene mobile app     stylish navigation.jpg

                                  Social Integration- Facebook & Twitter buttons                             The Stylish Navigation


The iOS app, launched before the android version, was an instant hit amongst the audience and has more than 8,000 odd users today & 39,000+ Sessions/ interactions so far.

It has been rated 4+ by the users and occupies the slot in the Top 5 most downloaded apps on iOS.

stats ios   (*All data as on 28th Jan ’13)

Below is the graphical representation of the continents from where the maximum number of downloads came from.

With North America at 29%, Europe 28% and Asia 24%, this shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Madhuri Dixit Nene is an iconic figure the world over.

md geography

New Users Map


The android version of the app launched later has been rated 4.8 by the users and has more than 800 downloads so far.

stats android


Media Coverage:

Here’s what the media had to say about the app –

Madhuri Dixit launches iPad App

“Madhuri decided to launch her app on the iPad & the other iOS and Android devices as most people these days have a tablet as well as a smart phone. With this app her fans from across the globe can interact with her and can even access her latest pictures, videos and exclusive content on beauty, fashion and dance at their fingertips, all in High Definition. The actress is also quite active on the social media platforms. With Twitter & Facebook feeds embedded in the app, the charismatic actress hopes to connect with her fans more often.”

Source: TOI

Madhuri Dixit launches own mobile application

After launching a personal website, Bollywood’s dancing diva Madhuri Dixit has taken a new step to get closer to her fans through a mobile application.

The application, available on all iOS devices, complements her official web page

The application, currently available on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod), will connect Madhuri’s fans to her pictures, videos and exclusive content on beauty, fashion and dance.

Source: DNA


While the app continues to turn heads and grab the eyeballs, we at Phonethics are up for more! Drop us a mail with your feedback on the app; we’d love to hear from you.

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