IPL Contest for Inorbit

Cricket received a new fun virtual hooting opportunity through a series of IPL contests run for Inorbit Mall, Pune by Phonethics.


Phonethics conjured a fun way for Pune Warriors fans to win tickets to the IPL matches played at Subrata Roy Stadium.

This campaign was executed in two phases by way of two fun contests which saw an interaction of over 100,000 users.

A snapshot of the contest app home page

A snapshot of the contest app home page


Phase 1 involved a contest on trivia based on the Pune Warriors team. 10 witty questions were posed to the participant with 4 options as answers.

Phase 2 of the contest was an amusing anagram puzzle to guess eminent personalities from the Pune Warriors team


The contest garnered huge participation from Inorbit fans. 5 winners were declared per phase of the contest.



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