Mobile App – Car Launch

Nissan Motors recently relaunched it’s popular hatchback Nissan Micra. As the Digital Agency on Record, Phonethics were tasked to create a functional mobile app timed with the car launch which would also serve as a mobile brochure. Certain features like Dealer Locator & city wise pricing was to be dynamically fetched from Nissan’s servers. The team built an IOS as well as Android versions of this app. A beautiful slideshow at launch showcased the unique features using pictures from a special photoshoot conducted by us at Jodhpur. Mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular for car companies since they allow the buyers to access all features from the comfort of their phones. We await the day when finally paper brochures become completely obsolete and nift mobile apps like these allows consumers to not only see all the features and prices but also book test drives for their favourite cars at the click of a button.


Compare Car Features at the press of a button




Slideshow at the launch of the app



Dynamic Slideshow



Price List dynamically picked for each city. 




Request a Test Drive from the comfort of your Mobile Phone 

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