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Cricketing star Yuvraj Singh battled Cancer and returned to the field as powerful as ever. We met Yuvraj Sign in Delhi & were tasked with telling his story through an interactive website and designing a brand identity for his Cancer Foundation, YOUWECAN.

Sometimes we get to work with stories of people who are absolutely inspiring and full of the magical stuff. This was one of those occasions. The key challenge for us was to create an Identity that represented vitality, hope and represented youthfulness, in keeping with the persona of brand Yuvraj Singh and his inspiring battle with Cancer. It had to scale to all forms of expression beyond digital – t-shirts, bats and even signs made in the air when Yuvraj and others in the cricket team scored a big hit on the field!

Additionally, we had to design a web presence that integrated e-commerce and social media and also allowed the audience to support YouWeCan.

visual design for YouweCan

Bold visual identity for cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s Cancer Foundation

The logo units were created keeping in mind adaptability for multiple uses – merchandise, partner websites even holographic projections. We worked very closely with Yuvraj’s brand managers and the team of advisors in coming up with the final identity.

youwecanTo tell Yuvraj Singh’s story, we created an interactive multimedia piece outlining Yuvraj’s journey as a superstar sportsperson, the struggle as a sportsperson, ups and downs of his career, glory and then his fight with Cancer. The role and support of his fans and friends were highlighted as the cornerstone for his desire to set up a cancer foundation.

youwecanSocial tools: To build in virality we designed a virtual t shirt that allows people to be a part of team YouWeCan and share the virtual t shirt on their FB walls, Twitter etc.

All in all, this was a delightful assignment. We wish Yuvi all the very best.




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