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  • Nissan iOS App- NEON
  • Nissan iOS App- NEON

Search for a Car brand worth its salt internationally and you’re likely to find a range of fun and Informative Mobile Apps. In fact the Auto Industry has gone a step ahead and started to make on-board apps. We have recently developed a Mobile App ‘NEON’ for Nissan Motors in India currently available on Android devices.

Although NEON is meant for enhancing the car ownership experience for all car owners, NEON or the Nissan Enhanced Ownership Experience is brought to you by Nissan – the global Automobile manufacturing giant that sells the stylish Nissan Micra, the spacious Nissan Sunny, Nissan Evalia, X Trail, Teana & 370Z in India.

NEON is a feature packed mobile app for the smart car owner. The App enables a Car owner to manage multiple vehicles and see all the information in one place.

The app has some handy tools like the Mileage & the Expense Calculator, a Navigator to help find your car and a handy Guide to Traffic Signs. The Reminder tool quickly sets up alerts for Servicing, Oil changes & anything else you might want to do for your car.

While the Tips section carries pictures and useful information on maintenance and driving, the gallery is updated from time to time with offers and deals on Nissan cars.

Among the other features, the app also has a catalogue that showcases all of Nissan‘s products. A single click button connects you to the 24×7 helpline & helps you send your car’s break-down location to the Nissan Customer Care.

Download the app and share your feedback with us. Tell us what more would you like to see in the app. Help us enhance the car ownership experience for all car owners.


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