Oncology iOS Application

Phonethics Digital Agency India helped to develop an iOS app that is designed by oncology professionals for all those who are involved in caring for cancer patients and cancer research. This is unique in being an app that is dedicated solely to hematology-oncology.

For the busy Oncology professional:

-Pre-made chemotherapy orders that can be printed or emailed with links to the respective abstracts on PubMed.
-Oncology drugs with dose adjustments, drug-drug interactions and links to the package insert.
-Medical calculators for BSA, carboplatin dosing, opioid conversion amongst others.
-Alerts about breaking news in the world of hematology-oncology.
-Links to oncology specific news on FDA, RSS feeds, PubMed, clinical trials amongst others.

For those involved in research:

-CTCAE version 4.0
-Handy RECIST calculator (How awesome is that!!)
-Drug-Drug interactions for the CYP pathway.

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