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    ‘Demonetization’ was arguably the biggest story of 2016. From newsrooms to city streets, it was a hot topic for months. Social media too was ablaze with jokes, memes, videos, and lots more making it a popular social object. We used the opportunity to design a social media campaign for DIGISOL that highlights the evolution of money from barter to virtual.

    DIGISOL, from the house of Smartlink, is a leading computer peripherals manufacturer in the country. With its ‘Make In India’ range of wireless and networking products, DIGISOL is an active contributor to the ‘Digital India’ campaign. Here are the creatives made as part of the social media campaign, released on Facebook.

    The barter system traded all types of goods and services like weapons, tea, food, and lots more.


    Did you know that during the Maurya Empire, coins were marked with a royal standard? Chandragupta Maurya’s royal advisor Chanakya, in his Arthashastra, mentions minting of coins such as rupyarupa (silver), suvarnarupa (gold), tamrarupa (copper), and sisarupa (lead).


    The Gupta Empire that succeeded Kushan kingdom produced some of the most intricate inscriptions on the coins.


    Sher Shah Suri set up a new civic and military administration and the silver coins he introduced remained in use till the end of the Mughal period.


    The Coinage Act of 1835 paved way for uniform coinage throughout the country. However, it was only after 1858 that the British government gained supremacy in India and the coin’s native images were replaced with that of Monarchs from Great Britain.


    The Victoria Portrait Series notes were the first paper notes officially introduced by the government, available in denominations of Rs. 10, Rs. 20, Rs. 50, Rs. 100, and Rs. 1000.


    Well, the numbers are only growing by the day!


    Card swipes are slowly making way for clicks and swipes on a smartphone screen. With Internet, wireless transactions are now possible.

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