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    Sunrich Navratri and E-Commerce Partnerships – Connecting Social Media to Online Point of Purchase:

    One of the major festivals in the country, Navratri is celebrated with much gusto all around. However, observance of the festival changes with respect to cultures in different parts of the country. Sunrich, a leading sunflower oil brand from South India, intended to use this social object as a tool to create consumer engagement. Targeted primarily at households in South Indian states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, one of the objectives of this campaign was to explore the possibilities of using digital media activities to drive sales. We addressed this by engaging consumers via social media campaigns and providing them bundled offers that included Sunrich oil.


    Creative Idea

    Unlike many North Indian states (where each day of the Navratri festival is dedicated to a different goddess), in South India, nine days and nights of the Navratri festival are distributed equally among the three goddesses – Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Golu (Kolu in Tamil) is another Navratri custom unique to South India; where dolls and figurines are displayed on a stair-like platform. Families visit each other’s homes to view these Golu displays and exchange gifts and sweets. We used these insights to generate social media engagement with our primarily South Indian community.

    E-Commerce Partnerships

    Historically, large FMCG players have focused on distributors as a link to reach out to their consumers. E-commerce stores are the new-age distributors and we wanted to try out the effectiveness of this new sales channel. In addition, consumers look for more than one product while buying grocery or other similar commodities online. This peculiar behaviour of the online consumer too guided the campaign.

    The idea was to use the festival to generate conversations with our consumers and help them buy multiple products of daily use like oil, rice, pulses, sugar, etc. with a single click while offering great deals.

    Executing the Idea:

    Navratri Campaign

    11 posts were made over the course of the campaign – all of which were shot at Phonethics office. These posts included popular South Indian Navratri motifs created using everyday items like peppercorns, mustard seeds, cloves, etc. to generate engagement. In addition, brand integration of Sunrich was done by creating multiple interactive posts and a special Sunrich Golu that invited the Sunrich community to share pictures of their Golu with us. On Vijayadashami – the day that symbolises the victory of good over evil – we asked our fans to share stories of personal victories with us and they poured their hearts out.

    E-Commerce Partnerships

    While the preparations of the Navratri campaign were on in full swing, Team Phonethics did a region-wise bifurcation of shortlisted e-commerce stores and contacted their relationship managers. This was done to offer combo deals to Sunrich buyers while the creative campaign generated traction and engagement on the Sunrich Facebook page. To encourage more partnerships, terms of the partnership were kept simple. E-commerce websites would offer 3-4 Sunrich combos, website banners, and a dedicated landing page on their website with the sales data being shared on a weekly basis. In return, Sunrich would promote these combos on their Facebook page targeted at regions where these e-commerce stores offered services thereby redirecting traffic to their websites. This resulted in the team collaborating with several e-commerce stores across South India like Namaste Chennai (Chennai) and Locostop (Bengaluru). Collaborating with smaller e-commerce stores offered flexible deals and more cooperation as Sunrich brought more traffic to their website.


    Facebook post promoting Sunrich Refined Sunflower Oil offers on

    The campaign was executed on Facebook page of Sunrich and was targeted at households in South India (Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) using multiple targeting parameters available on the Facebook media buying tool. Partners designed a landing page dedicated to Sunrich combos. Free salt, sugar, rice, etc. were given along with Sunrich oil packs. Posts were made informing audiences about the combos along with the link to the website. In addition, several click-to-website ads were run that directed the consumer directly to the Sunrich landing page created on the e-commerce store.


    Sunrich Refined Sunflower Oil Combo Offer on



    Landing page featuring Sunrich Refined Sunflower Oil offers on

    With a guiding hypothesis that the audience shopping online is younger and was more likely to shop over weekends, these posts were done on weekends at the start of the month so that it fit in the consumer’s buying cycle. This way, we reached out to consumers with attractive deals at a time when they were most likely to buy the product. The results were analysed on Monday after the promotion.

    The Result:

    The campaign yielded promising results with impressions close to 3.5 million and Sunrich reaching out to more than 5 lac people over the course of the campaign. People actively participated and responded to all interactive posts. Every post generated a high level of engagement from the audiences with the total number of engagement being in excess of 27000 out of which about 96% came from women – the primary target audience for Sunrich. We received more than 60 images of Golu, tens of Navratri special recipes, and heart-warming stories of personal victories shared by women. We took the conversation forward by responding to each interaction with a personalised reply. In fact, Facebook tagged the Sunrich page as ‘Very responsive’, which meant that we replied to each message within 5 minutes.

    On e-commerce partnership front too, the campaign was successful in increasing sales and identifying an effective method to track the number of units sold on a weekly basis. It was a win-win situation for all; where consumers got attractive offers, partners got more traffic on their websites. However, the biggest success of this initiative was in bringing digital front and centre; not just in the marketing narrative, but also in the sales vision.

    Can digital marketing sell? This question has been looming over digital marketers’ heads for a long time. Digital agencies have struggled with monetising social media. This campaign attempted to answer it by generating consumer engagement and handholding them to online point of purchase while adding value to both, the business and the consumer buying process.

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