Social Media Campaign on Independence Day

Social Media Campaign on Independence Day

    Topical creatives for special occasions are always an important aspect of the content calendar for us as well as our clients. But to create and sustain an interesting social media campaign around is what gets the creative juices flowing. Inorbit, having worked with us for 3 years, already had quite a few digital properties in its bag.  The onset of August meant coming up with a strategy to bring in the Independence Day.


    Idea behind ‘Inorbit I-Day’

     It was quite the task to come up with an innovative Independence Day campaign. How do you speak to a country as diverse as India to be appealed by one campaign? The answer was simple- We ask them to speak diversely! The idea of the campaign was to record a video saying ‘Happy Independence Day’ in as many languages as possible and share it in the comments section.


    Executing the Idea

     The campaign was carried out across the Twitter and Facebook handles for all the 6 Inorbit malls. We asked people to record “Happy Independence Day” in multiple languages and upload it on the social channel. A creative was designed and circulated across social media channels over the course of 3 days from 13-15 August 2016. The winners of the contest were awarded exciting prizes from Inorbit. This helps bring the conversation back to Inorbit.

     Facebook post



     The campaign was successful in generating more than 2.7 million impressions over the span of 3 days of the activity. The campaign trended on Twitter for 4 hours straight within 60 minutes of posting it on Twitter.  More than 180 users participated in the contest and these users collectively generated more than 1300 conversations (tweets). The campaign was the perfect embodiment of the Independence Day spirit and engagement for the audience.



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