Social Media Marketing

Social Object Creation, Distribution and Analytics

•    Social media buzz is created on strong elements of 2-way dialog.  Unlike broadcast media, the critical success factor in social media is “Engagement”.

•    Engagement comes from fostering dialog – by identify the right topic for conversations and exhorting target audience at the right time on the right channel.

•    Digital behavior is emergent (i.e. not entirely predictable) and successful social media campaigns are adaptive in nature. Continuous experimentation and testing are core strengths of our social media campaign design.

•    Returns from social media campaigns come in many forms.  We help you map your business objectives with campaign outcomes to manage and measure the returns appropriately.

•    A brand awareness campaign on digital media can easily generate direct responses. Our expertise in web/social-web analytics helps us in tapping direct response returns and other actionable insights.

Build conversation around social objects

•    Conversations don’t happen in a vacuum, they coalesce around Social Objects

•    Campaigns, brands and organizations aren’t compelling enough as Social Objects themselves

•    We can help you create or select suitable social objects (passion, lifestyle, cause) relevant to your domain and build conversations around them

•    We’ll use Facebook/LinkedIn and other niche communities to engage your target audience in conversation around these selected social objects

•    We’ll strive to become the most favourite source of information and conversation in the selected realm of social objects

Engagement Model –
Social Media Campaigns – event driven, larger than life theme, goal oriented
Long term Community Management – develop and execute a Tone of Voice, manage earned media assets, keep high engagement levels
Content – social games, gamification, video, text, comics, interactive graphic novels
Analytics – measure influence and identify potential influencers, sentiment analysis
Online Influence creation & Management – reach out to popular content owners / creators in your domain. Identify what your audience cares about and locate your product in those conversations. Build a solid presence that’s meaningful for your consumers – turning them from ‘likes’ into brand fans
Campaign – to get the right traction for your social media campaign  we’ll execute optimized campaigns on multiple platforms including Social, Publishers as well as Performance based networks.

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