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    Target In Focus-

    We’ve just welcomed a new client on board and are managing their social media marketing strategy! SecUR Credentials is a  background verification company managing the backend of the market leader HireRight for 15 years. When pitching for them what came up as significant was that the T.G is the HR community of the SME’s.

    Subsequently content needed to be woven around the objective of ensuring that SecUR becomes a partner in their growth. The next question was- In which digital domain is the HR community most active?This led to designing a content strategy which could be specifically promoted on LinkedIn.


    The Strategy-

    Employee background verification is a niche market in the Indian context. Background verification is a process which isn’t clear to the Indian SME’s. So we decided to break down the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of background screening. To do so we would go about busting the myths associated with background screening. There’s a fallacy about screening tests being complicated and expensive. We needed to address this hollow sham. To do that the content was supported with rich research findings regarding the percentage of future hires, resume lies etc.


    Creative Insight-

    It’s also the Who and not the What And the How that’s important, when hiring right. Edgy creatives were crafted on the dual faced imagery of the person you’re hiring without a background check. Influenced by  literary insight from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, we went ahead with creatives around this theme of “Know who you’re hiring.” Adding humour to it,  we did a “What if you wanted to hire a ninja and hired a chef instead’?’ This creative approach caught the client’s eye and another one  featuring a company’s checklist with the SecUR number being highlighted, was also appreciated.

    At a  workshop  we presented on consumer behaviour changes to delve into the depth of  basic behavioural economic tenets like breaking up one large gain into multiple gains. From  analysing the significance of creatives that don’t just look good but work well , taking a cue from Dave Trott’s blog post on Decoration vs. plumbing , to driving home datapoints on why LinkedIn is the best bet for a employee background verification company targeting HR’s, it has been a creatively stimulating process of getting SeCUR Credentials on board!



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