Social Media Campaign at Cannes

  • Nissan Star of India

This campaign was shortlisted at the Cannes 2012 for ‘Best Use of Integrated Media’ making us the only Digital Agency from India to make the cut at the prestigious awards.

World renowned Digital Agency, AKQA & Nissan Europe designed a campaign to build a vibrant social media community around the brand Nissan in India. The campaign was billed as the ‘First ever Facebook Auditioned Bollywood Movie’.

Problem/challenge: How to build organic buzz around the social media campaign. Build and engage a rapidly growing social media community.

Strategy [organic buzz]:

Identify influencers with >100k viewers [bloggers, writers, media outlets] and barter ‘exclusives’ [photos, videos from film shoot] for coverage. Offer campaign branded merchandise to bloggers so they can run contests on their web platforms and reward their readers.

Result: Campaign covered by more than 100 bloggers generating over 1 million views on the day of launch.

Win moment: We beat mainline media in terms of visibility and eyeballs

To build a vibrant social community we created unique content blending brand content & Ranbir Kapoor’s content shot by AKQA. In addition to this the Facebook community was actively engaged by our community managers. We replied to each post and guided fans who wanted to feature in the film with Ranbir Kapoor. 

Typically fan-pages are slow and sporadic in responding to queries and posts, we decided to be hyperactive for a few days to build a conversation. Slowly, super – fans emerged who operated as moderators.

Media strategy: promoting key posts using FB media. We used every available media buying option on FB to push key posts by the page as well as fans.


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