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    Over the years, we have worked on a diverse set of businesses. Whether it was redesigning Inorbit’s digital presence, shaping our very own Shoplocal, or simplifying communication for the BFSI space – every business posed a unique challenge and we have had a good time solving each and every one of them. Phonethics also specializes in startup marketing having worked for brands like INCOCU and RailTiffin in the past.

    Startup marketing poses its own set of challenges. And the latest addition to our portfolio was no different.


    Scorace is a personalized, goal-based learning app that helps students study right and score more. Using videos, summaries, and mock tests, it provides custom practice to students.

    Launched in November 2016, Scorace is currently available for CBSE Maths (Class 9 and 10). Scorace for Maths and Science (Class 9, 10, and 11) is in the pipeline and will be released at the start of the next academic year.

    Our Role

    Phonethics has been working with Scorace since when the product was still at an idea stage. The founder met us when the learning app was still taking shape and team Phonethics was entrusted with the task of launching the Scorace ship, which meant contributing towards the overall product development.

    We crafted the brand name and then designed the brand identity – their logo.

    We then worked on wireframes and product iterations under the guidance of the Founder. As the product evolved several features were added and some parked for a later date. Once the wireframes were ready, the team designed the complete UI for the app as well as the website, both of which are live now.

    Screenshot from the Scorace App                         Screenshot from the Scorace App                         Screenshot from the Scorace App


    Although the app has been released for Android users in the pilot run, an official launch is on its way soon.

    Marketing communication

    Apart from the website and app, Phonethics has also designed the marketing communication which is being used on social media and other digital channels to communicated with Students, Parents and Others in the Scorace ecosystem. All the marketing communication – website, in app and emailers etc have been crafted by Phonethics based on the rich data and detailed information provided by the Founder of Scorace.

    Here are some of the social media posts that were released on the Scorace Facebook page.

    Facebook post designed for Scorace Facebook post designed for Scorace Facebook post designed for Scorace

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