Viral Content – Interactive Comic

We love comics. They are natural candidates for genuine viral content. Typically a creative team thinks of video, when they are asked to create viral content but the idea of Interactive comics always seems so cool [though they haven’t really taken off, ever].

The advent of HTML 5 makes it easier to play with images inside a browser. This comic though was made using flash. As content creators, the technology that finally delivers the content to the audience, is sometimes a challenge. Flash, a friendly foe, still remains the choice software for such products, for most content creators.

The launch of this car created the opportunity to make some interesting viral content which would have been released on social media. This project was never released. Hand drawn, this comic also pays tribute to a fallen colleague, Vikram Russell. We just might release this as an app someday.

To see the comic, pls move your mouse over the panel and click to bring on the next page. You may have to think a little bit before you click – some of the links are hidden within the panel.

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