Viral Video – Hindustan Times

A spoof on the adorable Munnabhai & Circuit. Made within a short duration of 8 days, this viral video was used extensively on social media by Hindustan Times during their launch in Mumbai.


The voiceover for this video was done by a famous radio jockey who is also a fabulous mimicry artist. The similarity to the actual actors voices – Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi, makes the video much more enjoyable.


Riffing on existing pop themes – mashups or spoofs are received well although the final execution still matters a lot. This video was promoted on mobile phones and social media at the time when Hindustan Times was launching and edition in Mumbai. They wanted to create something that was quintessentially ‘Mumbai’ So we decide to open the video on an aerial view of the iconic marine drive.


Today, Viral videos such as this one can be released on youtube and social mavens will pick them up and distribute them into their networks. At the time of its release though, the video was promoted with a lot of effort since social networks weren’t that popular yet. The video got 50,000+ views in a short span of time.

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