Small. Beautiful

A friend recently described working on a new project as ‘drawing a circle’. His argument was that taking up new jobs where you’ve become proficient managing a process or creating a specific output is deadening, and just about as useful as ‘drawing a circle’. More importantly, no matter how many times you’ve drawn that circle, it’s not gonna be perfect.

Another friend chatted all the way from Ghana, over BBM, ‘don’t wanna be 40 and cranking ideas on my mac’.

this is my central grouse with services businesses and seeking scale in such an enterprise. My view is that you’re creating a beast, even if its profitable in financial terms, the overall cost to the entrepreneur can be damning. The beast needs constant feeding, grooming, petting and whatnot. This takes away from the central business of creating. Of daring. Of failing. Of trying. Of not caring when failing and trying.

A few months back, we de-scaled. said no to a lot of business that wasn’t in line with our overall desired direction and did away with a lot of bad business ideas and efforts that were better than everyone else’s but not good enough.

We outsourced design to a firm in the UK, tech to partners in Mumbai and Pune and for the first time, i got time to travel, read and write!! What’s more, after ditching the big office, the ‘starts’ and resisting buying those new Macs we were PROFITABLE!

Now we’re small. Hungry. And working on a supercool product that we can sell anywhere in the world. The product is almost built [and we have already sold our beta version to a prestigious client]. I hope [i know] that we will scale. with the right amount of money and right type of people. We will improve the product. debate small colour changes and including / excluding a tiny button and how it impacts UX.

thats the beautiful part.

be small till you’re big.

focus on the small when you’re big

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