Social Media Contest

Social Media contests are fun, irreverent ways for a brand to engage its audience and reward participation. Having said that, given the number of contests on Twitter, Facebook etc there is considerable ‘contest fatigue’ amongst the punters. Yet another ‘selfie’ contest? Naah. One more ‘retweet to win’? Really?

The social media team at Phonethics has learnt [after running several contests & engagement initiatives across social channels] that the ‘social object’ aspect of any social media campaign needs to be carefully crafted. The campaign must be relatable and new enough to excite but familiar enough to nudge folks into diving in. The challenge faced by Digital agencies across the world is to design social media campaigns that connect with the overall brand and category and yet bring a smile to the audience’s face.

DIGISOL, a company listed on the Indian Stock Exchange, manufactures routing equipment and sells surveillance products. Per se the category is perceived as ‘dry’ providing few opportunities for quirky customer engagement. Phonethics is the Digital Agency for Digisol. While designing a social media contest for DIGISOL we noticed that wi-fi users across the world tend to give quirky names to their routers.

This insight was leveraged to design ‘name your wi-fi’, a contest on Twitter that invited people to share fun names for their wi-fi routers.

The contest caught the imagination of Twitter users across the country as the contest began trending on an All India basis.

Social media contest

contest trends on twitter across India

The brand garnered additional followers and over 2 million impressions for its tweets. The campaign was even picked up by large media outlets and discussed extensively online.

social media contest

twitter analytics on day 2 of the campaign

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