Tree of Smiles


An initiative by Inorbit Malls along with Crossword & Landmark stores to encourage people to come forward & gift a little something to the children of AAWC (An NGO that works towards the right to a better life for children) to fulfill their innocent wishes during the holiday season. All one had to do was buy a gift, make a genuine wish come true & play Santa to an anonymous kid.


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Brands across the globe venture into some sort of a social cause to earn goodwill & give back to the society. Being socially responsible & engaging in charity is an objective of most firms for more reasons than one. However, while there were several such campaigns going on around the same time, Tree of Smiles had a different approach, one that touched the heart.


It explained the true spirit of Christmas; it celebrated the joy of giving. It suggested that the smile you earn by being someone else’s reason of joy is priceless & it celebrated that smile!
There simply is no joy like the joy of giving. It is obvious to fulfill wishes of near & dear ones in the season of gift-giving but how many of us take that extra step to bring a smile to someone we don’t even know.

I’ve always felt that ‘doing good’ is just namesake. Giving away things that you don’t need any more in the name of charity is what I genuinely expected would happen. But it felt great to be wrong, hundreds of people more than willingly bought brand new presents & fulfilled wishes of a whole bunch of kids who will remember them by. I still believe that people don’t do anything selflessly but that is the thing, when you give, you always get more!


I reminisce the  day I visited ‘Tree of Smiles’ at Inorbit Vashi & played Santa to a child. It was the day I flashed a big, happy smile & experienced greater joy in adding some ‘Merry’ to a child’s Christmas.
I witnessed the magic of the season with Tree of Smiles.
The outcome – A better world & a truly Merry Christmas!

– Sanjana Ramsay









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