Twitter Campaign – 0 to 1 MILLION in 4 Hours

Twitter Campaign


Brand Name- Inorbit

Agency- Phonethics Mobile Media Ltd.

Activity – Twitter Marketing


1. Maximum Inorbit App Downloads

2. Engagement on twitter


We analysed the Twitter followers of Inorbit Mall and the data revealed that some of our followers were major influencers on Food, Dining out, Shopping & Brands for Women. We designed a unique approach where Inorbit Malls would collaborate with these super fans to announce and execute the contest.

The actual contest was designed to play out like a ‘virtual treasure hunt’. People were required to download the Inorbit App and solve clues by visiting different sections within the app. The clues themselves were released using the ‘Shake & Win’ feature (This feature requires the customer to favourite a Mall/Store and shakes the phone to get a special offer/creative).

We connected with key followers through DMs on twitter and invited them to be the ‘contest jockeys’, announcing the contest open and introducing it to their friends and followers.  Contest creatives were also DM’d to these fans.

Although we received a healthy interest from our fans on twitter, what happened after this, exceeded our expectations. Our fans tagged their friends and took it upon themselves to announce the contest and explain ‘how to play’. In fact, a tweet by one of our fans, announcing the contest, was retweeted more than 2200 times!

The Inorbit social media team provided support by troubleshooting for fans who were unable to download or use the app due to technical difficulties. Though the actual contest was only live for a few hours, the tweet volume accelerated delivering a combined reach of over 1 million impressions, most of it via our fans.

This is how a simple idea was taken up by Inorbit fans and turned into a major social media event for a few hours.


The contest was live for a total of 4 hours

We got 333 App downloads

483 RT’s which had over 3,65,000 impressions

99 entries were received for the contest.

The campaign has also been covered by media and has set the grounds for more such activities for Inorbit.

Ultimately, Rockstar fans of Superstar brands make such wild success possible.

treasure hunt

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