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‘Laxmi Tere Angan Ki’ is a successful Twitter Contest and a Social Media property set up by Phonethics for Inorbit Malls. Read on for a detailed insight into how the Twitter contest was imagined and went viral, trending on twitter for both the seasons – 2013 & 2104. Don’t miss the first person account of managing this Twitter contest written by a Phonethics team member.

Social Media is increasingly used by brands to engage their customers. The challenge is to create ‘social objects’ that customers care about and run engagement customer initiatives that they can understand easily. While designing Customer Engagement programs for Inorbit malls, we have noticed that women comprise a large section of the audience. Additionally, as a shopping mall, we are open to customers across socio-economic strata. During the festival season, all shopping destinations run several customer engagement campaigns that aim at keeping their destination ‘top of the mind’ while customers decide on an avenue for their festival purchases. These initiatives are targeted at New as well as Returning customers.

For the Diwali of 2014, we designed ‘Laxmi Tere Aangan Ki’, a simple yet fun activity that propelled Inorbit Malls to the top of the trending charts on Twitter. The activity engaged thousands of Inorbit patrons and was visible to millions of twitter users across the country.

Some highlights –

  • Challenge : Create an accessible customer engagement program
  • Leverage an existing concept that customers are familiar with – social object
  • Use social media to engage customers directly
  • Use a natural highpoint such as the festival of Diwali to start the activity
  1. The idea –
  1. ‘Lotto’ or ‘Housie’ as its popularly known in India, is played by women at kitty parties and the audience is familiar with the basic concept of the gameplay.
  2. People pray to ‘Laxmi’ or the Goddess of Wealth on Diwali. Any association with the Goddess Laxmi is considered auspicious.

We processed these two information points to come up with a Creative approach to engage the customers of Inorbit Malls during Diwali. The Creative team at Phonethics came up with a contest titled ‘Laxmi Tere Angan Ki’ which had a familiar ring to it for our audience (it sounds a little bit like the title for a soap opera on TV).

The mechanism was quite simple. The team would announce a number every hour. A total of 5 numbers would be announced. If the customer had more than one of these numbers in your mobile number, they stood a chance at winning shopping vouchers at one of the Inorbit Malls [there are a total of 6 across the country].

Some highlights –

  • Combine Lotto & Diwali
  • Connect with a creative layer that customers care about during Diwali – Goddess of Money
  1. Execution –

Typically, Customer engagement initiatives are managed entirely by a brand and customers can at best be passive participants. For ‘Laxmi Tere Angan Ki’ however, we decided to handover the control to our fans this for this Customer Engagement activity.  The team ran analytics on our social media channels to identify key influencers, regular customers as well as customers who were brand fans of Inorbit malls [to identify this we looked at our past interactions with customers on social media and identified customers who had expressed delight & shared positive experiences at Inorbit malls]. These ‘Power Customers’ were contacted via direct messages to be the ‘contest jockeys’. This thrilled some of our customers as it was a unique experience which put the Inorbit brands in their hands and helped them contribute to the engagement as experienced by Inorbit customers.

The campaign took off immediately with our customers sharing ‘Laxmi tere aangan ki’ on social media and inviting their friends by tagging them. Notably, not a single rupee was spent in media monies. The entire customer engagement was run by the customers themselves and spread ‘virally’. The team shared cool creative banners and posts with the customers who published them on social media inviting others to participate.

Some highlights –

  • A customer engagement initiative managed by customers
  • Analytics to identify regular customers, fans & influencers
  • Empower customers as ‘content jockeys’ by sharing exclusive creative designed for ‘Laxmi Tere angan ki’

This customer engagement initiative is now set up as an Annual property by Inorbit Malls


A first hand account of the campaign – written by Saniya,

[a complete case study on this campaign is available here]

It’s been long since I’m handling social media for one of our major client – Inorbit Malls, An account that has endless data and offers coming in from all 6 malls and their various brands that needs to go on all social media platforms/website. Since most of the content is offers and deals, if they’re not uploaded on time lose their value. So, one needs to be on toes and very careful when dealing with such data and updates.
As we know, festivals are a major part of Indian culture, especially Diwali, a festival when the main thing on everyone’s mind is shopping and the focus of the Mall is on promotions and making their brand a top choice for the customers.

For this Diwali, we decided to repeat our last year’s twitter campaign “LakshmiTereAanganKi’’ – an online housie where the ticket to play is your own mobile number. A campaign that was a big success in 2013 Diwali. The hashtag # LakshmiTereAanganKi’ was trending on National level. Running a contest that was so successful had already put a lot of pressure on the team.

For running the campaign efficiently, my main focus was to reach out to as many fans as possible. For this, we analyzed twitter followers of Inorbit Mall and chalked out the ones who were major influencers on shopping, food and dining.

online contest

online marketing

We connected with key followers through DMs on twitter and invited them to be the ‘contest jockeys’, announcing the contest open and introducing it to their friends and followers. Contest creative was also DM’d to these fans. To begin the contest and to create a buzz, my only focus was on having as many interactions as possible and buildup an excitement among our fans for the contest to begin. Even the fans who I reached out through DM’s, actively helped us promote the contest and participated themselves too. They also went ahead with tagging and inviting their friends to participate. We received a healthy interest from our fans on twitter, infact a tweet by one of our fans, announcing the contest, was retweeted more than 2300 times!

twitter contest

Within no time, we had built up an excited audience who was waiting to play ‘LakshmiTereAanganKi’. The contestants were informed by tweets that we will be announcing 5 unique numbers in an hour, and if their mobile number has those digits, they can participate on a secure webpage.

The contest began and the response we got was so good that it went beyond my wildest expectations. In no time, we had tweets flowing in. We started getting endless retweets and favorites to our tweets. We also got many new followers. Contestants were eagerly waiting for numbers to be revealed. I could feel their happiness through their tweets and replies they sent in when the numbers revealed matched with their mobile number. Since this campaign had trended last year, my main attention was on the trend’s list. I kept watching it and was just waiting and hoping to see our hashtag #LakshmiTereAanganKi on trends. Within half an hour I saw #LakshmiTereAangan ki on Mumbai trends. The first thing I said after seeing it was “YES! It’s trending’ with a big smile on my face” But it wasn’t done yet, I wanted to keep it trending and bring it on top of the list. So I didn’t stop with my tweets. Made creative tweets to increase the engagement and involve as many fans as possible. Mid way, we keep tweeting and asked participants to download our app and join us on Facebook.

twitter trend

twitter trend


We repeated the contest on the next day too and it trended again! We got the same amount of enthusiasm from our fans. The contest went on for four hours only in total yet the result and participation we received was amazing!

The contest got above 2,500 retweets which had over 2 Million impressions and it was on Mumbai trends on both the days.

I was delighted that this was a success this year too!


twitter contest trend

twitter contest trend



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