Values for our team members

Every organization has a culture, a unique DNA. This is the framework that guides our interactions with other team members and clients. It is also the conscience keeper of the organization. As a guideline In the long term, it may be used by our team members (and others) anywhere in the world to understand who we are.

Different from a mission, vision & purpose document, this Value Document is meant to underline a few key attributes that we must inculcate & reward in our teams to become a truly differentiated organization –

1. Knowledge
2. Respect
3. Commitment / Tenacity / Ownership
4. Quality

1. Knowledge – This is the cornerstone of our abilities & deeply linked to another facet – Quality. It should be the endevaour of each person working at Phonethics to ‘learn’ new skills and increase the scope and efficacy of existent skills. There are two types of learnings –

a. Enhancing your existing skills – do you know enough about the tools, applications you work with? Do you have the latest data on the client’s sector? we must read. Magazines, blog posts, twitter posts, books, anything that will help us learn more about the digital ecosystem.

b. New skills – business people should figure out photoshop, creative teams should know more about search optimisation, and we should all learn new lateral skills. We will organize classes & workshops for cross function skill exchange. It doesn’t have to be an official skill, learn to play a sport if you want. Ask yourself if you have learnt anything new today, this week, this month.

A key aspect of this is knowing your sector and understanding fundamentals.

2. Respect
We understand that in 2014 there is no place for sexist humour and casual talk that diminishes any religion, place, community, orientation or language in any way. This will guide our work, specially creative and social interactions.
We also understand that the work given to us reflects the trust reposed in us by our clients & team members.

3. Commitment, Tenacity & Ownership
We don’t leave anything halfway done and we simply do not give up.
Nothing is ‘someone else’s job’. Do not compromise. No matter how difficult the way forward is.
We will never look for someone else to blame.

4. Quality
It is a very real, tangible aspect of everything we do. It is inherent in the way we work as well as our actual output. We should review data and processes continually to ensure that people at every step in the team understand the importance of keeping the standards high. As part of our ‘commitment’ we should stand behind every product

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